If you are looking for Insurance tailored to Senior needs we have you covered. First and foremost we are Medicare Specialist. We have all of the top companies and all of the best plans in the country. Don't stop there, ask us about our great rates on Final Expense, Dental/Vision/Hearing, or Annuities.

Medicare insurance

There is no asset more important than your health. If you take care of your home, car, and personal belongings, why would you leave your health to chance?

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Part D Prescription Plans


You are covered

No matter what your question, we have you covered. Medicare doesn't have to be complicated and we make sure of that. Call us today with your questions.

Medicare Supplements

There is no better way to protect your health than a Medicare Supplement. With access to the best Doctors and Hospitals Coast to Coast and virtually no out of pocket cost you cannot go wrong with a Medigap Plan. We have the best rates from all of the Top Companies in your state. Give us a call today!

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are great for the budget minded individual. There are over 2200 Medicare Advantage Plans Nationwide.We write for all of the Top Companies in your area. Don't wait, call us today to find a plan that meets your budget.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part d is what covers all of your prescription medication. Sometimes Part D is bundled with your healthcare in a Medicare Advantage Plan and sometimes it is a stand alone plan. So no matter what you need we have access to all of the Top Companies where you live. call us today.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare is a great choice for people who want to manage their own health. It consist of Part a and Part B and there are no networks. Seek your care where you want to. Put it together with a Supplement and you have the best option. Call us today.

Special Offers

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Whether it's medicare you need help with or Dental/Vision/Hearing, we have you covered.

Final Expense

Don't wait until it's to late and leave your family financially responsible at an emotional time.

Financial Planning

Don't want to survive on Social Security or pay high taxes. Annuities give a way to shelter your money.