Do I have to sign up for Part B?

Medicare Part B covers Physician visits, DME, and Part B Medications such as Chemotherapy. There is a monthly premium for Part B and a penalty if you do not take Part B when you become eligible. Only if you are staying employed and have a group plan with credible coverage can you avoid Part B without a penalty when you become eligible.

Which is better a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage?

It all depends on you. Both are good products and are based on your personal needs. Medicare Supplements have a monthly premium with little to $0 co-pays. Medicare Advantage plans have co-pays with many extra benefits and often a $0 premium.

Can I go to my Doctor that I have now?

Once again that depends on whether you use Original Medicare Part A and Part B, a Medicare Supplement, or a Medicare Advantage. As long as your Doctor accepts Original Medicare you can use them. A supplement is no different. If you choose a Medicare Advantage your Doctor must be in the network.

My friend told me I get extra benefits with a Medicare Advantage?

Partially true. Some Medicare Advantage Plans include Dental, Vision, and Hearing benefits. Some have gym memberships. The Dental, Vision, and hearing benefits are limited to cleanings, an eye exam, and co-payments on hearing aids. You are often better getting a separate Dental/Vision?Hearing plan with real benefits.

Medicare Supplements

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Medicare Advantage

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Final Expense

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Cancer/Stroke/Heart Attack

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