If you are looking for Insurance tailored to Senior needs we have you covered. First and foremost we are Medicare Specialist. We have all of the top companies and all of the best plans in the country. Don't stop there, ask us about our great rates on Final Expense, Dental/Vision/Hearing, or Annuities.

Annuities and Financial Planning

When you retire the thing you want most is to keep as much of your money as you can and pay as little on taxes as possible. Where you park your money will determine how well you live and make your money last in retirement. We have Financial Advisers in our office and all they do is help people put their money in the best place to keep it.

  • Annuities Lump Sum
  • Annuities 5-7-10 year
  • Indexed Universal Life


You are covered

No matter what your question, we have you covered. Annuity Planning doesn't have to be complicated and we make sure of that. Call us today with your questions.

Annuities Lump Sum

By definition, an annuity is a contract between you and a 3rd party (usually an insurance company) whereby in exchange for making a lump sum payment, the insurance company promises to do four things: 1) Provide an income for a certain period of time,or for life 2) Provide for accumulation, or asset growth 3) Provide a death benefit 4) Provide for long term care benefits

Indexed Universal Life

Indexed Universal life (IULs) are a type of universal life policy. The universal portion means that premiums are flexible and the components of the life insurance policy (death benefit, savings element and premium) can be altered throughout the contract. Universal policies are also permanent insurance policies, like a whole life policy, although there are some major differences between universal life and whole life. One difference lies in the flexibility of universal life and the inflexibility of whole life.

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Whether it's medicare you need help with or Dental/Vision/Hearing, we have you covered.

Final Expense

Don't wait until it's to late and leave your family financially responsible at an emotional time.

Financial Planning

Don't want to survive on Social Security or pay high taxes. Annuities give a way to shelter your money.