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When you are searching for answers when it's time to sign up for Medicare the last thing you need is complicated. We get that! At National Senior Savings our mission is "Simple Choices Deserve Simple Affordable Solutions".

Retirement is a time to relax. You've earned it. Sit back in the comfort of your home and let us provide an easy hassle free solution tailored to your needs.

If You are one of the 11,000 people becoming Medicare Eligible everyday or one of the 57 Million already on Medicare we have a product designed to benefit you. "Simple Choices Deserve Simple Affordable Solutions". We ave a combined 76 years assisting the Senior Market.

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Part D Prescription
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing or Final Expense


You are covered

No matter what your question, we have you covered. Medicare doesn't have to be complicated and we make sure of that. Call us today with your questions.

Medicare Supplements

We specialize in Medicare Supplements and as Independent Brokers we write for all of the companies in your state.

Medicare Advantage

If you are looking for a Medicare Advantage Plan from one of the Top National Companies...We have you covered.


When you were working and had a group dental policy you had it made. We offer the same great benefits!

Final Expense

Nobody wants to think about the inevitable. But if not now, when? Don't leave your loved ones in a financial bind at a terrible time. We can help you find an affordable plan that covers you in a matter of minutes.

Cancer/Stroke/Heart Attack

The big three things that have a major impact on your health as you age. The great thing about Cancer/Stroke/Heart Attack policies is they pay money directly to you upon diagnosis. They pay for expenses not covered by your Health Insurance.


When you retire and it is time to collect your 401K you need to be able to invest and defer taxes. We have multiple Annuity options available to meet your needs. Call us today and we will place you with our Annuities Specialist.