AARP Medicare Plans

AARP Medicare Plans

Is AARP the Best Choice?

So as a Medicare Specialist I would like to believe I have insight into the Medicare World and what products are best for my clients and which ones are not. Where I see confusion come in is the belief that there is a huge difference between AARP Medicare Plans and all of the other companies Medicare Plans. Well there is not a difference. I explain further below. One of the things that makes AARP Plans which are actually United Health Care Plans with AARP branding so successful is marketing. Plain and simple marketing United Health Care Plans with AARP branding has gotten UHC 33% 0f the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement market. It’s a cash cow.

AARP Medicare Supplement

Medigap 101 teaches us that there are only 11 Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans in the United States except Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts who are different from the other 47 states.

I know. You only see 10, but there is a High Deductible F. All of these plans are mandated by the Government…the little fellows in the black suits…to have exactly the same core benefits between company to company. In other words no company can give you more or less core benefits for Plan G, or F, or N, or any other plan. That does not mean the companies cannot add additional perks to entice you. Some do and most don’t.

So in every state I as an Independent Broker write for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans and a multitude of other companies. I really do not have a preference for any one company. They all sell the same plan, just a different cost from each company. In some states AARP is the plan with the best price and I am happy to help you sign up for that plan. In other states it is not the best priced plan and therefore would not be my recommendation. If you want to go to their site directly and see click here. Then after you see their prices give me a call and i will tell you the price of all 15-20 companies in your area.

Medicare Advantage Plans

I will be brief when discussing Medicare Advantage. AARP Medicare Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans are good plans and so are many other companies. Since there are roughly 2200 Medicare Advantage Plans Nationwide the only way to tell if a particular plan is good in your area is to look at the Companies Star Rating. A Medicare Advantage can have a Maximum of 5 Stars. They have several criteria they are graded on such as timely access to care, networks, Practitioners timely paperwork and on and on. The best place to see what the Star ratings for a particular plan are is at Medicare’s Site, click here. Unfortunately the Star data posted was collected two years prior and it is not always indicative of the plan today. The other factor that has to be taken into account is if your particular drugs are on formulary. Example, AARP UHC has a 4.5 star plan and Humana has a 4 star plan….not much difference. But, when you enter your drugs and the results show Humana has your particular medications at $500/ year cheaper…what do you do?

So you see when it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans they can be all over the place based on many factors. Does UHC AARP have the best? In some places they do and in other places Humana, BCBS, Cigna Healthspring, Aetna, Kaiser, and many more might have a better plan.


AARP UHC is a solid company. UHC was smart to partner up with AARP because Seniors put a lot of faith in the name. Do be aware that AARP profits when you sign up with UHC, but AARP plays no part in managing your Insurance. Your best bet as always is consult an Independent Broker like us. Make sure that Broker writes for a multitude of companies. You cannot go wrong with AARP Medicare Plans, but you cannot go wrong with many of the other companies Medicare Plans either. Call us today at 800-708-5810 and let us help you find the best plan for you.



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