• Medicare

    • When you retire their are so many choices to make. When in comes to Medicare you want your choices to be simple. They can be and we can guide you through the process.

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  • Final Expense

    • Never the Insurance that people want to plan for it is an integral part of your estate. Nobody wants to leave their loved ones struggling to come up with funeral cost at such a stressful time. Secure your burial with a low cost plan from any of the Top Companies in your state.

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  • Dental/Vision/Hearing

    • Sometimes it is normal to overlook the little stuff, but taking care of your Dental/Vision/Hearing needs is such an integral part of your overall health. With low priced plans with great benefits in every state we can help you achieve success.

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  • Annuities and Financial

    • When you finally decide to retire and enjoy the benefits you worked for your entire life the last thing you want is to pay more taxes. Take a look at our great Financial product such as Annuities and learn how to minimize your risk today.

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When you need Medicare answers you came to the right place. We realize "Simple Choices Deserve Simple Affordable Solutions" and we provide that for you.

Final Expense

You want to rest assured that your final wishes are taken care of. "Simple Choices Deserve Simple Affordable Solutions". Our goal is to help you plan for that day.


You have been looking for the mythical Dental an Vision plan designed specifically for Seniors. Good new, We found it! "Simple Choices Deserve Simple Affordable Solutions"

About us

When you are searching for answers when it's time to sign up for Medicare the last thing you need is complicated. We get that! At National Senior Savings our mission is "Simple Choices Deserve Simple Affordable Solutions".

Retirement is a time to relax. You've earned it. Sit back in the comfort of your home and let us provide an easy hassle free solution tailored to your needs.

If You are one of the 11,000 people becoming Medicare Eligible everyday or one of the 57 Million already on Medicare we have a product designed to benefit you. "Simple Choices Deserve Simple Affordable Solutions". We ave a combined 76 years assisting the Senior Market.

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Part D Prescription
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing or Final Expense

Insurance agents team

Our team is put together with you in mind. When you are searching for help with your health needs you don't need a local company that specializes in Auto and Home Owner Insurance. You need a Company that Specializes in Senior Health Products. All of our agents have extensive training in the Senior market so they can better understand your needs.

What does no out of pocket cost mean?

The only plan that offers no out of pocket is a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan F. This means you pay a fixed monthly premium and whatever Medicare approved charges are not paid by Medicare, Plan F will pay 100%.

How come Medicare Advantage plans are so cheap?

Great question. The answer is Medicare Advantage plans are administered by a Private insurance Company. The Government (Medicare CMS) pays them a monthly fee to manage your Medicare in addition to what you pay. You are then left with co-payments for most of the services you receive up to a maximum out of pocket of $6700+.

Do I have to take Medicare at 65?

No you do not have to take Medicare at 65. You automatically get Part A at 65 except in special circumstances. Part B you have to sign up for and it has a premium of $134/month for the average American. You do not have to take Part B if you are your spouse will continue working and receive Employer benefits. Check with your company HR Department to ensure they offer your group plan past 65.

Will I still be able to see my current Physicians?

It depends on what choice you make. If you choose to stay on Original Medicare Part A and Part B with a Medicare Supplement the answer is most likely yes. Medicare and Medicare Supplements do not have Networks. If any Physician in the U.S. accepts Medicare, which is 97%, then you can use your Medigap Plan. Medicare Advantage Plans are based on Networks so you must ensure that the plan you choose includes your Physicians. This is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more providers are opting not to contract with Medicare Advantage Networks.

Why do you recommend supplements?

Hands down they are the better product. You pay one monthly premium, just like you have your entire life, and then you pay ZERO out of pocket. Not even an Employer Group Plan does that!

I have Medicare and Medicaid. Why would I need a Dual Eligible Plan?

You don't need one, but if you want an extra $5000-$7000 in benefits that Medicare and Medicaid don't offer you should consider it. You do not pay a penny for anything including the plan or care...just like you do now. You get a lot of extra benefits that you probably could not afford if not for the plan providing them for free.

Why should I use a broker? I am pretty smart and know my way around the internet.

Sure, you can do it on your own. Make the wrong choice and you might regret it for life. If you go to court you use a lawyer? If you build a house you use a contractor? Why would you leave your health choices up to fragmented information when you can get free help. Not even a lawyer or contractor will offer you that.


You are covered

No matter what your question, we have you covered. Medicare doesn't have to be complicated and we make sure of that. Call us today with your questions.


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